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In Patagonia An Exhilarating Look At A Place That Still Retains The Exotic Mystery Of A Far Off, Unseen Land, Bruce Chatwin S Exquisite Account Of His Journey Through Patagonia Teems With Evocative Descriptions, Remarkable Bits Of History, And Unforgettable Anecdotes Fueled By An Unmistakable Lust For Life And Adventure And A Singular Gift For Storytelling, Chatwin Treks Through The Uttermost Part Of The Earth That Stretch Of Land At The Southern Tip Of South America, Where Bandits Were Once Made Welcome In Search Of Almost Forgotten Legends, The Descendants Of Welsh Immigrants, And The Log Cabin Built By Butch Cassidy An Instant Classic Upon Publication In 1977, In Patagonia Is A Masterpiece That Has Cast A Long Shadow Upon The Literary World.

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    It was the day before I left for my vacation to South America that I learned about this book It was an offhand mention by a client, Oh, have you read In Patagonia I picked it up on my way home and stuffed it into the already full backpack.Chatwin s writing got under my skin, and I don t necessarily mean that in a

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    2.5 starsThis is my first foray into Bruce Chatwin I have always been wary of travel writing of a certain type when it drifts into literary colonialism It is too easy for wealthy white travellers to go to foreign lands in search of the interesting and exotic There is a good deal of myth surrounding Chatwin and even t

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    Readable and pleasant The author, allegedly inspired by schoolboy ponderings over the safest place in a post nuclear war world and childhood atlas voyages, travels to Patagonia and travels around Welsh settlers, hunts for prehistoric mega beasts said to survive in the wilderness view spoiler as apparently they do her and

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    This book was a special treat to me as a unique form a travel writing In its exploration of people encountered on his trip to Patagonia in the early 70 s, Chatwin makes magic as he uses his series of little quests and the actual places of his travels to make a doorway to imagination The excellent introduction by someone name

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    The truly fine grained books are always impossible to review or describe Even dragged out praise leaves most of the best things unnoted Certainly this is true in the case of In Patagonia, one of those unclassifiable mandarin anatomies whose summarized action but barely suggests the innumerable felicities of perception that make

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    This was published in 1977, and as I read it, I couldn t help but think of Edward Said s Orientalism, published a year later I admit to fantasizing about Said clobbering Chatwin over the head with a large rock But not before Said had given him some choice words that could not be reduced to faux Hemingway dialogue As in the Songlines

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    Suffering from emotional bumps and bruises I needed a holiday My brother Tim sent me a voucher so that I could fly to San Francisco for free I was grateful It was cold and gray but I was in San Francisco One afternoon I found myself footsore and starving I was heading towards BART stop when I saw a Thai restaurant on the other side of t

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    Bruce Chatwin baulked at being called a travel writer and reading this I can see why Part literature, part history, the slender volume is packed full of diverse and disparate characters and episodes Then there is the flying off of tangents satisfying tangents that entrench you in histories of. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid the Patagoni

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    This is not a travelogue, in any normal sense It is rather a collection of 97 very short vignettes almost like palm in the hand stories , many as is now generally admitted partially fictionalized, based on Chatwin s wanderings and readings and musings and imaginings about Patagonia, aka the end of the world geographically speaking , written thr

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    I picked up In Patagonia hoping to learnabout Argentina and Argentinians After all, that s the country where this book is set and travel memoirs are usually great for an outsider s view of a place Silly me After reading this book, no one would fault the reader for thinking that Argentina was located somewhere in Europe Chatwin deals exclusively wit

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