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Wild Things BOOKS Wild Things Author Jo Carnegie Viagraonl1ne.us When An A List Film Set Descends On The Quiet Village Of Churchminster, So Begins The Village S Most Scandalous YearMeet The Glamorous Cast Of Wild Things Sophia The Leading Lady Who Gets What She Wants And She WantsJed The Village S Gorgeous Gardener, Living With Devoted GirlfriendCamilla Sweet Natured And Desperate For A Baby, Unlike Her SisterCalypso Fiercely Ambitious, And Unimpressed By The Penetrating Gaze OfRafe Dashing Leading Man, Who Quickly Wins Over Calypso S GrandmotherClementine Whose Only Desire Is For Churchminster To Win Britain S Best Village

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    The Churchminster residents are thrilled when a glamorous film crew descends on their quiet village But with just four months to prepare for the final of the Britain s Best Village Competition , the chaotic filming schedule may dodamage than good Meanwhile Camilla grows suspicious of the attention boyfriend Jed is receiving from the film s demanding leading lady And younger sister Calypso

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    Fabulous book thoroughly enjoyable, so well written, just could not put it down and didn t want it to end Really love this authors books I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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    The village of Churchminster, devastated by floods a year ago, has gotten through to the last four of Britain s Best Village competition so sprightly Clementine Standington Fulthrope makes it her mission for the village to win, enlisting the help of her granddaughters Camilla, Calypso and the other villagers.All the plans are going well until a film crew turns up at Clanfield House, situated in the

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    Wild Things is a novel set in the fictional village of Churchminster The shortlist for Britain s best village has been announced, and Churchminster is on it As the villagers prepare for the judges, in the hope of securing enough prize money to build a much needed flood defence, they are visited by Hollywood Deemed perfect for an opulent period drama, the little village is descended u...

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    When Hollywood descends on a small rural villaage in the running for Best Britsh Village you can expect trouble Handsome leading men, flirty leading lady and the villagers of Churchminster are all in a flap, however add to this someone sabotaging all the hard work the garden party the committee for the best village team have been working at and you know it will end in tears.i loved this book i have read all

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    Really enjoyed this one, read in only a few hours very easy to read.This one set back in churchminster, most of the original characters were back in it, not much of Caro and Benedict can t recall if they were even mentioned Jed and Camille were back in this one, they wee good together at the beginning and then hit the skids a bit, Devon makes a short return to this one too Calypso meets a leading man who is a bit

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    I really enjoyed the first two books, but I found this one a bit hard going at times I think that I just wasn t sufficiently engaged with either the film crew plot or the best kept village competition plot The ...

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    Loved this book from the onset It shares a real team effort in the village of Churchminister, and the bumpy rides of each family It kept me entertained all the way through, that I just wanted to keep reading .

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    very funny read and a book that you can t put down, you just have to keep on reading unit finish

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    A hilarious Cotswold romp, really good fun to read.

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