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Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man: A Memoir Bill Clegg Had A Thriving Business As A Literary Agent, A Supportive Partner, Trusting Colleagues, And Loving Friends When He Walked Away From His World And Embarked On A Two Month Crack Binge He Had Been Released From Rehab Nine Months Earlier, And His Relapse Would Cost Him His Home, His Money, His Career, And Very Nearly His LifeWhat Is It That Leads An Exceptional Young Mind Want To Disappear Clegg Makes Stunningly Clear The Attraction Of The Drug That Had Him In Its Thrall, Capturing In Scene After Scene The Drama, Tension, And Paranoiac Nightmare Of A Secret Life And The Exhilarating Bliss That Came Again And Again Until It Was Eclipsed Almost Entirely By Doom He Also Explores The Shape Of Addiction, How Its Pattern Not Its Cause Can Be Traced To The Past Portrait Of An Addict As A Young Man Is An Utterly Compelling Narrative Lyrical, Irresistible, Harsh, Honest, And Beautifully Written From Which You Simply Cannot Look Away

10 thoughts on “Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man: A Memoir

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    Heavy stuff, and holy f Okay, will try to give this a proper review This is one hell of a ride on the dark side of crack cocaine addiction While I usually like my addiction memoirs with a heavy heaping

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    One of the finest memoirs I ve come across and I read a heck of a lot of them To be great, a memoir has to plunk you right in the middle of a set of experiences that might be diametrically opposed to your own and

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    Bill Clegg had it all a glamorous, prestigious job as a literary agent a handsome and caring indie filmmaker boyfriend a gorgeous Manhattan apartment a glittering social life J Crew catalogue model good looksBut he risked

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    This book was pretty engaging There is a train wrecky appeal and Clegg is pretty good with phrase I especially liked it when he described a woman s accent as tricky I would have liked it better if he had really reflected on the way

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    This was dreadful Not the writing, which was effective and quite good, but the picture it painted A dizzying memoir of the two month crack binge that defined rock bottom for a once rising star, this was depressing, paranoid confusion that was

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    This is the story of a privileged white dude who apparently becameaddicted to crack than anyone has ever been addicted to crack ever before He blames this on his childhood, which, although not perfect, is certainly no worse than the childhoods of count

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    Sure I read it hence two stars , and I read it quickly because 1 I m addicted to books about screw ups, AND 2 I m constantly looking for something that will make me feel differently about this particular disease This memoir makes me sick I don t care about Bill

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    3.5 STARSThis is my first Audio book that I have listened to without also following along in an actual book I don t really know how I feel about it But I m going to do my best to explain First off, this book was actually quite difficult for me to finish Multiple times I f

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    I admit that I am a sucker for stories about addiction You could even say I am addicted to them groan But now I know what I want for my last meal and it is a nice chunk of crack Really, it sounds like something that everyone should experience once in a lifetime but can t for obviou

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    Harrowing, with a can t look away oh god I want to look away quality that fairly pulls the reader through the pages I know crack addicts but haven t read any accounts of the addiction from the inside, and I found Clegg to be adept at giving a sense of what serious substance abuse must be lik

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