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Who Wants to Marry a Duke (Duke Dynasty Book 3) This story follows the other half of the twins in Duke Dynasty 2 Thorn is a grumpy untrusting Duke who is tricked into proposing after being caught with Olivia Norley She turns him down and the story begins 9 years laterOlivia and Thorn are both secretly fond of their brief encounter, but don t actually like each other Obvs, this changes Fairly quickly, but then the last set of sworn enemies DD2 moved from hating each other to discussing marriage in less than a day too I guess it just makes me wonder about how in 9 nine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 yeeeeeears they never managed to spend 30 minutes together and decide they love each other There s a lot to get to in this book, so I guess there just wasn t time for a relationship to develop or evolve Olivia, NINE years later, is an accomplished chemist and is enlisted to unravel a mystery with Regency Forensics CSI Herfortshire CBS call me, I have thoughts for Thorn s half brother Thorn tags along to make sure Olivia knows what she s doing Even though Thorn doesn t know the first thing about chemistry, he is certain he will sus her out if she s a fraud Hmmm There s room for a comment about how this entitled man thinks he knows about a topic he has no interest in, than a woman who has studied it for over 10 years Moving on, there s a mystery murderer on the loose trying to thwart Olivia s work, which leads Thorn to take charge of her care and protection Yadda yadda they fall in love There s a whole manner of complex family dynamics, which involves revisiting characters from the past 2 books And while the H h are a little better drawn in this book, there s no time to really see change in them that bring about their relationship The murder s of Thorn s mother 3 husbands takes up most of the time and energy This part of the story was not as fun for me since all of the alleged murder victims, alleged murderers and widow are pretty small, minor characters As in prior books, Jeffries does a nice job of familial and sibling relationships There is a lot left to be desired in the hero, Thorn, being kinda a jerk to his smart, chemist love interest He never seems to grow much from doubting her and thinking of chemistry as her hobby It s disappointing WhoWantstoMarryaDuke NetGalley Sabrina Jeffries writes wonderfully immersive stories especially about large somewhat infamous families I love the irreverence of her characters and their quirkiness Both Thorn and Olivia definitely fall in that category Thorn is a Duke who writes plays in his spare time very successful ones and Olivia is a chemist a very unusual occupation even now Thorn and Olivia were caught kissing by Olivia s mother nine years ago The situation did not end well Olivia s mother blackmailed Thorn into proposing to Olivia by threatening to release sensitive information about his family The encounter between them is explosive and changes both of their lives for the next few years Now Thorn s family needs Olivia s expertise to help find out information about the mysterious deaths in their family But Thorn is bound and determined to challenge Olivia at every turn They are fiercely attracted to each other but completely at odds It was fascinating to watch them together and see them overcome their differences and personal prejudices against each other I also appreciated that after Thorn came to terms with Olivia as a person of science, he never sought to change her or stop her from doing that type of work Just to take sensible precautions This family is seriously complicated and the family tree at the beginning should probably show up at the start of every chapter But it is worth it I enjoyed it immensely I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley, but these opinions are all my own. Stepsiblings In Search Of The Truth About Their Mother S Succession Of Beloved Husbands And Their Own Surprising Identities As Eligible Young Nobles Are The Endearing Stars Of This Dazzling Series From New York Times Bestselling Author Sabrina Jeffries A Past Kiss With Adorably Bookish Miss Olivia Norley Should Be Barely A Memory For Marlowe Drake, The Duke Of Thornstock After All, There Are Countless Debutantes For A Handsome Rakehell To Charm Beyond A Young Lady Whose Singular Passion Is Chemistry Of The Laboratory Type But Thorn Has Not Forgotten Or Forgiven The Shocking Blackmail Scheme Sparked By That Single Kiss, Or The Damage Caused To Both Their Names Now Thorn S Half Brother, Grey, Has Hired The Brilliant Miss Norley For Her Scientific Expertise In Solving A Troubling Family Mystery And The Once Burned Thorn, Suspicious Of Her True Motives, Vows To Follow Her Every Move For Olivia, Determining Whether Arsenic Poisoning Killed Grey S Father Is The Pioneering Experiment That Could Make Her Career And Thorn S Constant Presence Is Merely A Distraction But Someone Has Explosive Plans To Derail Her Search Soon The Most Unexpected Discovery Is The Caring Nature Of The Reputed Scoundrel Beside Her And The Electricity It Ignites Between Them Anyone Who Loves Romance Must Read Sabrina Jeffries Lisa Kleypas, New York Times Bestselling Author 3 stars, the backstory for this series is super fun you have three heirs to dukedoms with the same mother who married three times along with their various siblings, half siblings, and relatives this book focused on thorn and olivia who meet at a ball when he d recently come back to england from prussia he spills a drink on his waistcoat, she offers to help him clean the stains as she s a chemist and they hit it off until her stepmother catches them kissing and blackmails thorn into offering for olivia s hand olivia refuses and we see the story pick up 9 years later where they once again meet at a ball, this time because she s helping his half brother olivia was a very likeable character because she clearly loved chemistry but was willing to make compromises instead of being stubborn and irrational about her career her relationship with her stepmother was the sweetest part of the book in my opinion, you could tell they really cared about each other and olivia was the best thing in her stepmother s life thorn was less memorable than olivia but i liked that he was a playwright their chemistry was really strong in the start of the book and i wish the flashback scenes had been extended because their dynamic really got to me in those parts. This book was fun and a really quick read I particularly liked how passionate both Olivia and Thorn were about chemistry and theater, respectively, and the way that played into their banter It was clear that they got one another, which can sometimes be glossed over in relationships I was worried at first that Thorn was just going to be an ass, but while he had his issues stubbornness about some things, he also showed a surprising ability to change his mind as he learned things got to know people better. I loved Olivia So much She is brilliant and thoughtful and determined to forge her path as a chemist She is wonderful Thorn, however, is a jerk One little kiss goes awry and he becomes this cynical, bitter man who hides his own genius along with refusing to acknowledge Olivia s Can he overcome his stubbornness to realize she is everything he wants in a partner I read this book in one fell swoop and then was disappointed that it was over so quicklyI think I need to go read it again A very good romance from Sabrina Jeffries Her heroine is smart and funny, and stands up for herself The Duke, her love interest, is flawed, but most romance leading men are They have good banter Their first kiss happens quite quickly, so there isn t the usual buildup The murder mystery plot in the background keeps things interesting, so it s not all about romance or sex I liked that about it, and we still don t know what happened The sex scenes are steamy, and there s a lot of talking during them Well written, and very readable Those you are interested in chemistry the science will find this especially interesting. Review courtesy of romance junkiesMarlowe Drake is the current Duke of Thornstock He harbors a secret, even from his family Thorn and his half brothers investigate the suspicious deaths of their fathers He suspects the chemist his older brother hires because of their shared past Thorn never imagined he and Olivia would meet again Someone wants to keep the past buried Will Thorn s cynicism keep them a part Or will his secret jeopardize their future Miss Olivia Norley is the only child of a baron She agrees to assist the Duke of Greycourt with the investigation of his father s death Olivia hopes to publish her findings and establish her chemistry career However, Thorn stands in her way Olivia refuses to be swayed by the irresistible man s charms again Will Olivia s findings expose a thirty year old murder Can she change Thorn s pessimistic outlook on love Thorn always struck me as the fun and carefree one in the prior books I like how we finally get to know his true character I love the fact that Thorn secretly writes comical plays It feels right since he and his brothers are named after famous playwrights I adore Thorn s closeness to his mother and siblings There is little he would not do to protect them from harm, even from hurtful gossip What I like the most about Thorn is his acceptance of Olivia s uniqueness He is upfront about his understanding of chemistry Plus, he also knows it is not a normal society lady s pastime.Olivia is a woman after my own heart She does not try to be someone she is not Accepting the fact that she does not fit in with her peers is perfectly fine with Olivia I admire that about her I like that Olivia is a fan of comical play It contrasts with her scientific interests What I like the most about Olivia is her eagerness to share her accomplishments with Thorn She knows that he does not understand chemistry, but she does not have to fear him ridiculing her about it.WHO WANTS TO MARRY A DUKE is book three in Sabrina Jeffries historica romance series, DUKE DYNASTY I recommend reading the previous books and novella to understand the on going plot New clues into the mysterious deaths of Lydia Fletcher s ducal husbands arise, along with some setbacks I love how Grey, Beatrice, Gwyn, and Wolfe make appearances throughout the story I just wish that Sheridan and Heywood did.WHO WANTS TO MARRY A DUKE is a fun and delightful tale of two society misfits finding each other I just love Sabrina Jeffries spin of Regency style, dysfunctional families I am so delighted the author paired Vanessa and Sheridan together for the next book 2021 cannot arrive soon enough. Thank you NetGalley and Kensington Books for the advanced reading copy I voluntarily read and reviewed this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.Much to my disappointment, I wasn t charmed by the story My feet remained rooted when I expected them to be swept off by the chemistry between the main characters Quite honestly, I don t really get the chemistry between Marlowe and Olivia They are fine characters on their own, but togetherthey don t sizzle I also find that the romance is somehow buried with the whole chemistry science stuff in the story Science is not my thing hello, communication major so I have to admit that I skipped those parts in my reading As a whole, I think the story is fine But it s definitely a far cry from Sabrina Jeffries s best. Who Wants to Marry a Duke is a third entry in Ms Jeffries Duke Dynasty series It wasn t as good as the first two books in the series but still a quick, pleasant read I didn t love it though, not as much as I hoped I would when I started it.I liked the premise to this book and I was sure I d enjoy it greatly but sadly for some reason it didn t pull me in as much as I hoped It was fine Not great, not awful, just ok Nothing stands out, neither in a good nor in a bad way The characters are great, especially Olivia and Thorn, the MCs I loved them but their romance lacked excitement and chemistry I never felt the love or even attraction between them Their falling in love felt so bland And the storyline lacks excitement even if it centers on a decades old possible murder This story line had so much potential and I so desperately wanted to like it It wasn t a bad book, nothing special really bothered me about it but nothing really held my attention either and I m sure I ll forget all about it in a few days.If you re Sabrina Jeffries fan or if you stumble upon this book, do read it because it s far from bad, it just didn t wow me as much as I hoped it would I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received for free from the publisher via NetGalley This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Sabrina Jeffries is the NYT bestselling author of over 50 novels and works of short fiction some written under the pseudonyms Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas Whatever time not spent writing in a coffee fueled haze of dreams and madness is spent traveling with her husband and adult autistic son or indulging in one of her passions jigsaw puzzles, chocolate, and music With over 9 million book

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