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Living The Good Life Inspiring And Challenging, This Chronicle Of A Unique Household Experiment Takes Readers Inside One Family S Environmental Test Already Mindful Of The Impact Human Activity Has On The Environment, The Author And Her Family Decided To Take A Further Step Towards Thoughtful Living By Aiming For Complete Domestic Sustainability For Six Months, The Cockburns Grew, Bartered For, And Made Everything They Ate Used Exclusively Solar Power Collected Rainwater For Drinking, Cleaning, And Cooking Parked The Cars And Turned To Bicycles And Aimed To Not Spend A Single Dollar From Just Their Average Home On An Average Sized Lot, They Experienced Success, Surprises, And Challenges In Their Quest All While Learning About Themselves As A Family Whether Readers Are Looking For Lessons On Adopting Some Or All Of The Cockburns Practices Or Are Just Curious About What It Might Take To Do It Yourself Even Deeply, This Story Will Bring Them Along For The Ride.

About the Author: Linda Cockburn

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Living The Good Life book, this is one of the most wanted Linda Cockburn author readers around the world.

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    Linda and her family set out to live from their suburban Australian yard farm for 6 months and not spend any money It was an interesting stunt, there seem to be a lot of stunt books out there now Julie Julia, Farewell my Subaru etc It was a great glimpse at how a family can eat from their garden, chickens, goat and a few bartered items Occasionally they would crave beer and pizza or chocolate, but they ate well and both lost weight, improved

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    Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself Leo TolstoyThis is an inspiring story of a small family in Australia, and their six month adventure of not spending money Everything they use and consume is grown, produced, scavenged, or bartered, although mostly everything is produced and grown by the family They have a composting toilet, rainwater barrels, solar panels, a giant garden, a nasty goat, a bunch of chickens,

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    A family of three Mum, Dad and son document living for six months without spending any money The father continues to work, riding his boke to work each day The mother runs the house and the garden and ends up homeschooling her son They bartered excess produce in return for some grocery items and animal feed and they occasional found themselves having to buy something a new laptop on one occasion, fish and chips on another but they lived six months without s

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    Living the Good Life is the story of an Australian family who try to spend 6 months without spending any money They grow their own food given that they re in Australia, it s a bitexotic fare than spuds and kale , keep a goat and chickens and barter for things they can t make They use solar energy and rain water and cycle everywhere until they need to take their son to the hospital.It s written in the form of a diary, but there s also inserts on various environmenta

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    A Fascinating journal of how one family in Australia turned their backyard into a farm and lived off of what they themselves could produce or barter for 6 months.This was particularly refreshing because it was from an Australian viewpoint It wasn t all about how terrible the US is although the US is mentioned occasionally , but specifically about their country and things people can do to make a difference.If we lived in a better area one that did not spray pesticides every

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    I loved this book It s the story of one family s attempt to live without cash for 6 months to live off their land, bike and barter their way through life It s an entertaining tour through this process, the bad ...

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    Loaned by a friend, this enjoyable read was a mostly fascinating, and at times tediously detailed, story of a family in Gympie who set themselves a challenge to live 6 months without spending Loved th...

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    Possibly my favourite book so inspiring

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    Pg 118 Exercise cycling or strolling They both burn calories but exercise cycling burns 3 times as many calories.Pg xii Emissions from 1 liter of gas pollutes 10,500 liters of air Where does she get that Pg 1 Her plan is to go 6 months without spending a dollar.Pg 8 She brings Bill Mollison and permaculture in and has a brief list of ethics and principles.Pg 10 She makes a case for getting calories from the sun Even at low percentage of efficiency.Pg 13 Oh dear the kid wears no clothes Pg 118 Exercise cy

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    A really great account of one family s attempt to reduce their ecological footprint by simplifying their lives Inspiring, challenging, informative and very readable Linda Cockburn gives an honest account of t...

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