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4.5 5 stars I wouldn t call this a thriller like some of the blurbs do, but otherwise it s a good read Deb Caletti knows what it s like to be a young woman, and is really good at exploring the duality double standard of being a girl. Girl, Unframed is a great read The storyline itself is very good family, friendship, first love, and lots of unexpected twists However, powerful are the observations of primary protagonist Sydney and her ability to verbalize the anger and frustration that so many women feel about the double standard that we face and the challenges that come with trying to make your way through the world being exactly who you want to be. I m rather disappointed in this book To be clear, it has solidified my love for Deb Caletti s writing I requested a copy of this book thank you Netgalley for granting me a copy because I was am completely obsessed with A Heart in a Body in the World, and to be honest, the premise of the book was irrelevant to my interest However, I definitely did not expect the story to go the way that it did I actually thought at the beginning of the book that this could be five stars or at least four , and I felt that the crux of the story was a letdown I was also hoping for some closure with the main character s best friend, and I wasn t as big a fan of the romance as the reader was meant to be Anyhow, this book didn t quite meet the high bar or pack as big of a punch as AHIABITW, but I did really enjoy the writing, and I m still excited to pick up from Deb Caletti I think people who have enjoyed her previous work before AHIABITW will enjoy this, and probably just people with different expectations for the plot device than I had. Caletti s follow up to A Heart In a Body in the World has a lot in common with that book, both looking at what it is to be female in this world where there s a push and pull between being innocent and sexy, in your own mind and in the minds of males around you Sydney is set to spend the summer with her famous actress mother in a cliffside house in San Francisco, away from her friends and everything familiar Upon her arrival she finds that mom, Lila, is living with a brutish, heavily muscled man whose business dealings are less than legitimate From the start, Caletti ratchets up the tension and keeps it up, starting each chapter with court exhibit labels for crime scene photos, depositions and statements, keeping the reader intensely aware that something terrible is coming, but we don t know what or to whom Beneath all of this is the discomfort and threat that women feel on a daily basis under the male gaze It s unsettling and terrifying at times, and in female readers will feel all too familiar Thrilling, gut wrenching and necessary Review from e galley. A Teen Girl S Summer With Her Mother Turns Sinister In This Gripping Thriller About The Insidious Dangers Of Unwanted Attention, From Printz Honor Medal Winning And National Book Award Finalist Author Deb Caletti Perfect For Fans Of Courtney Summers S SadieSydney Reilly Has A Bad Feeling About Going Home To San Francisco Before She Even Gets On The Plane How Could She Not Her Mother Is Lila Shore The Lila Shore A Film Star Who Prizes Her Beauty And Male Attention Above All Else Certainly Above Her DaughterBut Sydney S Worries Multiply When She Discovers That Lila Is Involved With The Dangerous Jake, An Art Dealer With Shady Connections Jake Loves All Beautiful Objects, And Syndey Can Feel His Eyes On Her Whenever He S Around And He S Not The Only One Sydney Is Starting To Attract Attention Good And Bad Wherever She Goes From Sweet, Handsome Nicco Ricci, From The Unsettling Construction Worker Next Door, And Even From Lila Behaviors That Once Seemed Like Misunderstandings Begin To Feel Like Threats As The Summer Grows Longer And HotterIt S Unnerving, How Beauty Is Complicated, And Objects Have Histories, And You Can Be Looked At Without Ever Being Seen But Real Danger, Crimes Of Passion, The Kind Of Stuff Where Someone Gets Killed It Only Mostly Happens In The Movies, Sydney Is Sure Until The Night Something Life Changing Happens On The Stairs That Lead To The Beach A Thrilling Night That Goes Suddenly Very Wrong When Loyalties Are Called Into Question And When Sydney Learns A Terrible Truth Beautiful Objects Can Break If this book makes you uncomfortable, that s because it s supposed to This is definitely not the thriller that the description makes it out to be, but it is a powerful narrative of a young woman struggling to find her voice in a world defined by men s opinions of her and her body It makes you reconsider society s standards of beauty and the rape culture altogether Highly recommend. DNF Couldn t get invested in the characters or story. Did not meet the needs of my collection at this time Too YA for my middle school. a promise from me to you this will be the best contemporary you read in 2020. Girl, Unframed

About the Author: Deb Caletti

Deb Calettiis the award winning and critically acclaimed author of over sixteen books for adults and young adults, including Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, a finalist for the National Book Award, and A Heart in a Body in the World, a Michael L Printz Honor Book Her books have also won the Josette Frank Award for Fiction, the Washington State Book Award, and numerous other state awards and honors, and

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