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In The Last Years Of The Nineteenth Century, A Caravan Of Traders Sets Off From The High Hills Of Kumaon, India, For Tibet They Traverse Dangerous Passes And Brave Blinding Snowstorms, In Order To Carry On Their Traditional Trade In The Tibetan Markets Among Them Is Fourteen Year Old Debu S Father Many Days Later, When The Caravan Returns, Debu Is Heartbroken To Learn That His Father Was Lost In One Of The Treacherous Passes Somehow He Cannot Believe It, And When A Tibetan Trader Turns Up In The Local Market Wearing An Amulet Remarkably Similar To His Father S, He Is Convinced That His Father Is Alive, Somewhere In Tibet Debu Joins The Next Caravan To Tibet To Look For His Father, Little Knowing He Is Setting Out On The Most Perilous, Yet Most Exciting Journey Of His Life The Adventures Follow Thick And Fast A Forced Stay In A Monastery With A Young Lama Who Takes A Fancy To Him His Capture By A Band Of Bandits Led By The Cruel, Mysterious Nangbo Gifted With Magical Powers A Stay In The Goldfields Of Thok Jalong And Finally Ending With A Heart Pounding, Breathtaking Horse Race Caravan to Tibet

About the Author: Deepa Agarwal

When I was a young girl, growing up in a town where there were only two streets, I never thought I d become a writer But I was an avid reader who kept winning prizes for writing And the time came when I found that I had lots to write about That my own life was as full of stories as those other people shared with me Also, that writing was a kind of therapy that gave meaning to my existence.

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    The original review of this book is posted on my blogTo read the original review of this book, click here The original review of this book is posted on my blogTo read the original review of

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    A desperate journey to a forbidden land, mysterious lamas, ferocious robber chiefs and a boy discovering an inner lode of strength that s what Caravan to Tibet is all about This coming of age st

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    Yes, it is meant for kids and an easy read But one cannot miss the simplicity with which the writer brings out the innocence and the simple rituals of the simple folks of Tibetan and our cold place

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    Caravan to Tibet Caravan to Tibet

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    very cool book

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    A beautiful story of a fourteen year old Debu who sets off across the high mountains passes from Kumaon to Tibet to search his father who got lost in a blizzard the year before The story is a roller coaster

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here good

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