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Necrotech Street Thug Riko Has Some Serious Issues Memories Wiped, Reputation Tanked, Girlfriend Turned Into A Tech Fueled Zombie And The Only People Who Can Help Are The Mercenaries Who Think She Screwed Them OverIn An Apathetic Society Devoid Of Ethics Or Regulation, Where Fusing Tech And Flesh Can Mean A Killing Edge Or A Killer Conversion, A Massive Conspiracy Is Unfolding That Will Alter The Course Of The Human Condition Forever With Corporate Meatheads On Her Ass And A Necro Tech Blight Between Her And Salvation, Riko Is Going To Have To Fight Meaner, Work Smarter, And Push Harder Than She S Ever Had To And That S Just To Make It Through The DayFile Under Science Fiction Viral Hitman Renegade Nano Shock Swear On Your Life

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    What a great surprise I ve read a lot of machine aug SF and dirty dangerous streets fiction to get a little jaded and ho hum, but this one has a great flavor from start to finish.It s all about the voice and this woman both the author and the MC is wickedly delicious Do you like

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    This book unapologetically throws cyberpunk into a sweaty m nage trios with AI madness and Cthulhu cum tech zombie foul mouthed insanity The resultant gun slinging, two fisted, ass kicking action is non stop, as is the main character s incredibly, incredibly self sabotaging bad at

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    Review originally posted at my blog Silicon of the Internet Title Necrotech Author K C Alexander Genre Sci Fi Subgenre Cyberpunk Transhumanist sci fiReview by Silicon.Intro HOLY SHIT To say I enjoyed this book would be a massive understatement Do you like ass kicking, foul mouthed,

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    Necrotech is one of those titles that left me feeling particularly divisive K.C Alexander included a great number of things that I enjoyed, but there were also just enough missteps to disappoint.Perhaps my greatest problem with this book was going into it without the explicit under

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    Necrotech updates 80s style neon and street attitude cyberpunk for the 21st century This is cyberpunk with an emphasis on the punk It s in your face, unapologetic, no holds barred asskickery If you love the Miriam Black books, you ll love Necrotech.

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    Will review better later For now at first I thought this book was going to disappoint I spotted what looked like a few tropes that had me worried, and I was anxious over how I was going to like the rest I wanted to love it, I really did.So when the rest of the book totally did not at

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    Angry Robot has had a way of rewarding us readers with the new and the unexpected when it comes to genre fiction, fantasy or science fiction Books that break current boundaries, set the stratospheric new heights and also define new sub genres in that process, giving us fiction we didn

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    4.5 I was searching for female written female SciFi protagonists when I stumbled across this gem Even better this qualifies as Cyberpunk with the emphasis on Punk, very much in the the street finds its own use for things kind of way The world is an immersive not too far away future in w

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    Some good old school cyberpunk with a suitably large dash of the punk We ve got the usuals deckers, fixers, runners, and the like all with suitably updated identities and new technology at their hands The old school still shows through though with a main character s chrome cyber arm and

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    NECROTECH is probably the most entertaining novel I read in 2017 and is the best way I can finish off this year I say this as a huge cyberpunk fan and someone who has often felt the genre has suffered since The Matrix Basically, the original cyberpunks grew up to become thirty something y

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