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Reunion Reunion Is A Little Known Novel But It Is Also A Universal Story Of Friendship It Is A Book Of Great Power, Waiting To Be DiscoveredOn A Grey Afternoon In , A Stuttgart Classroom Is Stirred By The Arrival Of A Newcomer Middle Class Hans Is Intrigued By The Aristocratic New Boy, Konradin, And Before Long They Become Best Friends It S A Friendship Of The Greatest Kind, Of Shared Interests And Long Conversations, Of Hikes In The German Hills And Growing Up Together But The Boys Live In A Changing Germany Powerful, Delicate And Daring, Reunion Is A Story Of The Fragility, And Strength, Of The Bonds Between Friends Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition Here

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    I read this book yesterday while I was in the hospital, during my prep wait before surgery under a blow up blanket with toasty warm air. wearing those cute hospital socks and a hospital gown This is such a tiny thin attractive sweet looking book vintage 74 pages, 80 when including the Afterword it fit inside my mini

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    In 1932, Hans Schwarz, son of a Stuttgart doctor and descendant of a long line of rabbis met a life changing friend Twenty five years later, Hans described his friendship with Count Konradin von Hohenfels, the source of my greatest happiness and of my greatest despair Konradin, a new student at Karl Alexander Gymnasium in Stut

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    It takes an hour and a half to read this little pearl Highly recommended At any age.I was enchanted by Uhlman s writing, his descriptions of landscapes and feelings I felt sucked into the story and I saw the events in front of my eyes, as real.Ps I think the last sentence is one of the most powerful of meaning in the books I read this y

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    Reunion is just about the perfect novella In merely 74 pages, Fred Uhlman captured the blossoming of an adolescent friendship, the end of childhood, and the darkness cast by political and social realities of life in Stuggart, Germany, just before Hitler s rise to power Looking back thirty years, the narrator, Hans Schwarz, son of a Jewish doctor,

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    I spent ages hesitating about how to rate this book It s an amazing novella, beautifully written, beautifully crafted The story is very simple and straightforward, but it reaches the reader amidst a web of complex feelings For a short novel, the twists and turns are also very surprising, at least for me but perhaps I have way too much faith in human nature

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    I was awestruck when I finished this book for the first time back when I was fourteen It s a lovely story.

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    A strong and compelling novella on the friendship between two sixteen year old boys, Jewish Hans Schwartz, and Christian Konradin Graf von Hohenfel With the rise of Nazism, Hans is uneasy and the butt of jokes by some of the students He does not engage but remains a recluse among his classmates, except when Konradin joins their class The two eventually develop an unusual rela

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    First published in the early 1970s, Reunion has recently been reissued and promoted as the next great undiscovered classic after Stoner, although it doesn t yet seem to have achieved the same ubiquity This is a very brief book, but the story it tells is powerful, a microcosm of emotional turmoil and the intensity of youthful attachments.He came into my life in February 1932 and never l

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    About the Plot The background is Stuttgart Germany of 1930s The time of Nazi rise to power The main protagonists in this novella are two sixteen year old boys a Jew and a German Protestant Christian Enough for hints I think you guessed the story right But that does not say everything Read the novel to feel it The last line of this novella is one of the best ones Not that it is extra ordinary in

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    On the front of the edition I was reading from 1983 there is the quoted recommendation from Jeffrey Archer A wonderful experience no one can miss I wish I had written Reunion All I could think of was the quoted exchange of I think Oscar Wilde and Whistler where one says I wish I d said that and the other one says You will Oscar, You will Not having read any Archer yet I do not know if he has absorbed this

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