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Out of Darkness Marcus Was Born Over A Thousand Years Ago His Life Was Unending, Never Changing, And He Lived It In The Dark At Least He Did Until A Coven Of Powerful Witches Caught Up To Him Now He Is In A New World, One Where Magic Is Much Powerful And Prevalent Even Stranger, When He Wakes Up There, It S The Middle Of The Day And He Has A Heartbeat It Becomes Obvious To Him His Life Is About To Change In Ways He Can T Predict As He Is Ignorant Of The Country And Society He Finds Himself In Will He Be Able To Find His Way, Build A New Life, And Rise Out Of The Darkness Of His Past WARNING This Book Is An Erotic Fantasy Novel If You Are Offended By Explicit Sex, Do Not Buy This Book There Are MF And MFF Group Scenes Of A Sexually Explicit Nature

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    I rather liked this book I plan on getting the rest of the series as soon as I finish getting paid The story is solid and the plot is also solid as well The characters are aren t super deep and the MC has a def issue with being the Alpha, but not to the point that it s annoy

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    Enjoyable StoryD R Rosier has a good thing going There s a lot to like in this story, a main character who is every man s hero, lots of action and plenty of adult situations For me the story is the story, it has all that is needed to keep my attention, the sex is welcome but

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    Rating 3.0 stars This is probably my least favorite of the D.R Rosier books It just didn t speak to me like the others In all his other series I could see the goal of the main character In this book, the goal was to get to the king to learn magic because it was the law but he

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    Soto celebrate my free trial ofKindle Unlimited I chose to read a naughty fantasy It was fantasy man from our world is sent to a different world where magic works and it was rather naughty man immediately falls in love with a beautiful woman and she with him Naughtiness ensues

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    FunThis was a great start I am looking forward to the next one You should read this book, you will love it.

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    Really good.Really good, great editing and story My only problem was towards the end the author uses the At the end of a sentence to show a lapse of time Didn t like that, a page break works a lot better.

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