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The Prodigys Cousin The Prodigys Cousin PDF Epub Author Joanne Ruthsatz Airdomains.co.uk We All Know The Autistic Genius Stereotypes The Absentminded Professor With Untied Shoelaces The Geeky Silicon Valley Programmer Who Writes Bullet Proof Code But Can T Get A Date But There Is Another Set Of Tiny Geniuses Whom You Would Never Add To Those Ranks Child Prodigies We Mostly Know Them As The Chatty And Charming Tykes Who Liven Up Day Time TV With Violin Solos And Engaging Banter These Kids Aren T Autistic, And There Has Never Been Any Kind Of Scientific Connection Between Autism And Prodigy Until Now Over The Course Of Her Career, Psychologist Joanne Ruthsatz Has Quietly Assembled The Largest Ever Research Sample Of These Children Their Accomplishments Are Epic One Could Reproduce Radio Tunes By Ear On A Toy Guitar At Two Years Old Another Was A Thirteen Year Old Cooking Sensation And What Ruthsatz S Investigation Revealed Is Noth Ing Short Of Astonishing Though The Prodigies Aren T Autistic, Many Have Autistic Family Members Each Prodigy Has An Extraordinary Memory And A Keen Eye For Detail Well Known But Often Overlooked Strengths Associated With Autism Ruthsatz And Her Daughter And Coauthor, Kim Berly Stephens, Now Propose A Startling Possibility What If The Abilities Of Child Prodigies Stem From A Genetic Link With Autism And Could Prodigies Children Who Have Many Of The Strengths Of Autism But Few Of The Challenges Be The Key To A Long Awaited Autism Breakthrough In The Prodigy S Cousin, Ruthsatz And Stephens Narrate The Poignant Stories Of The Children They Have Studied, Including That Of A Two Year Old Who Loved To Spell Words Like Algorithm And Confeder Ation, A Six Year Old Painter Who Churned Out Mas Terpieces Faster Than Her Parents Could Hang Them, And A Typically Developing Thirteen Year Old Who Smacked His Head Against A Church Floor And Woke Up A Music Prodigy This Inspiring Tale Of Extraordinary Children, Indomitable Parents, And A Researcher S Unorthodox Hunch Is Essential Reading For Anyone Interested In The Brain And Human Potential Ruthsatz And Stephens Take Us From The Prodigies Homes To The Depths Of The Autism Archives To The Cutting Edge Of Genetics Research, All While Upending Our Under Standing Of What Makes Exceptional Talent Possible. This book was so enlightening and interesting to read It was an easy read, which was perfect for someone like me who isn t a science or medical professional This is not for someone who doesn t have an open mind Joanne Ruthsatz writes about possibilities, theories, and ideas It s not a book of scientific proof, which may be misleading to some readers What I really appreciated about this book is that Joanne wrote about each person as just that a person She didn t write about them as if they were just data or a statistic She wrote about each child s life and who they are as a person This was such an enjoyable book and inspired me to do further reading The only reason I didn t give a 5 sta Honestly, I was expecting , but then I spend most of my autism related reading in the realm of research into mitochondrial , the links to PANDAS PANS, the connections between the gastrointestinal system and the brain, MTHFR gene mutations and their effects on detoxification, et cetera And they didn t touch on any of those topics I expected to at least see some digging into whether prodigies and those with autism shared the MTHFR gene mutations, but no The early brain tr Very interesting read accessible to those who are not scientifically minded If you re looking for the scientific research and proof, you re not going to find much to go on here, but I believe the author s intention was to share her ideas with a wider audience, raising p This is a book that s all about possibilities, not proofs And I think as long as you re willing to approach the book as such, you ll be a satisfied reader If nothing else, I was reminded about how much we still don t know about child prodigies or autistic individuals But beyond that, this book certainly did enough to convince me that it s worth researching the autism prodigy connection further Perhaps a link is there, perhaps not Either way, Joann Very interesting book as I have a gifted child of my own I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway. As a collection of fascinating anecdotes about prodigies and savants, and as a thought provoking intuitive argument for a link between prodigy, savantism, and autism, I enjoyed this book As a science book, I thought it a bit odd the author writes about herself in the third person, perhaps to lend some appearance of objectivity about the research The book se I really enjoyed this book It was an easier read than I thought it would be.The stories of the prodigies and even the autist s stories were well told and really interesting.Even though a lot of the science wasn t quite there most of it wasn t statistically significant it does seem really intriguing like there IS a link In spite of it s intriguing title, The Prodigy s Cousin, presented little scientific evidence to link prodigies with autistic savants, both of which seem to have exceptional memory due to a heightened attention to detail The one study citing prodigies with close relatives who are autistic had an ultra small sample Ruthsatz focused on case histories of prodigies, a fascination of the author s I think There was some attention given to the search for a genetic link between prodigies and autists but it is early in the game and the preliminary results are not conclusive Since so much space was devoted to prodigies, future possible studies came to my mind For instance, a lot, not all, of the ultra talented children cited, were raised in families I would describe as quirky These were such extremely child focused families that The Prodigy s Cousin was a fascinating read I ve always thought there was a link between autism and extraordinary talent Often times people with amazing skills have little ticks or are socially awkward i.e Sherlock Holmes I m glad someone is studying this topic The book flows nicely bet

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