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A Bad Character EPUB A Bad Character Author Deepti Kapoor Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk A Highly Charged Fiction Debut About A Young Woman In India, And The Love That Both Shatters And Transforms Her She Is Twenty, Restless In New Delhi Her Mother Has Died Her Father Has Left For Singapore He Is A Few Years Older, Just Back To India From New York.When They Meet In A Caf One Afternoon, She Lonely, Hungry For Experience, Yearning To Break Free Of Tradition Casts Aside Her Fears And Throws Herself Headlong Into A Love Affair, One That Takes Her Where She Has Never Been Before Told In A Voice At Once Gritty And Lyrical, Mournful And Frank, A Bad Character Marks The Arrival Of An Astonishingly Gifted New Writer It Is An Unforgettable Hymn To A Dangerous, Exhilarating City, And A Portrait Of Desire And Its Consequences As Timeless As It Is Universal.

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    And across the room he is staring at me.I ve been stared at a lot of course it s what happens here, it s what men do Every day from door to door, on the buses, stepping through rubble on the edge of the road, in the car stuck in traffic, at red lights Stares of incomprehension, lust, rage, sad yearning, so vacant and blank sometimes it s terr

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    Vibrant, dark and passionate, Deepti Kapoor s short debut novel which feels like a memoir is a meditation on the life of a young, educated woman in modern India, and a raw account of a forbidden and ultimately destructive relationship The narrator is apparently named Idha, but this is only referenced once, on the first page, and there is some ambig

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    Breathlessly narrated memoir posing as fiction Has superb impressionistic prose with some of the best descriptions of Delhi I ve read and I m counting City of Djinns and Capital here Female sexual awakening the perils of living in Delhi are the central themes of A Bad Character how a 20 year old college girl discovers life beyond classes and staid middl

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    He was known to us, he was a bad character.It s a phrase they use sometimes, what some people still say It s what they ll say about me, too, when they know what I ve done.This was not at all what I expected You can describe this novel as a girl s sexual awakening in modern India, but a one sentence description does it a disservice I m still not exactly sure

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    It started off wonderfully, much to my surprise I m not much of a fan, when it comes to coming of age in a haze of drugs and sex Ill advised, and sure to end badly For a person who s always had a head obsessively over her shoulders, this type of protagonist is especially hard to relate to But, this novel was an exception I believed this young college girl when sh

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    I wouldn t have heard about this author or thought of reading this book if I hadn t attended the Jaipur litfest and heard her speak about it during a couple of events To me the novel wasrelated to writing the city in particular Delhi than about a love story The relationship between the two characters didn t come across as love but as some kind of sick, escapist obsess

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Deepti Kapoor s A Bad Character is about a tumultuous period in one college going female student s life in New Delhi Kapoor s novel seems influenced by the novels of writers like Marguerite Duras, jean Rhys and Kate Zambreno, but it s being marketed as one of the few contemporary novels by non

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    I read the book last night Came back from dinner and finished it in one sitting, it is hard to put down The books grips you and sucks you into its darkness Very gripping, flows very well and breaks the boundaries of traditional moral high ground Its about love and sex, poverty and wealth, the tiredness of living in a Delhi that belongs to men, its about passion, drugs, lies and

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    Abandoned by her father and orphaned by her mother s death, the twenty year old narrator of A Bad Character feels stifled by both New Dehli and her aunt s relentless search for her husband When she meets an older, mysterious man in a cafe, he pulls her into a life and an affair she never expected.There is much to love about Deepti Kapoor s debut the gorgeous prose that seamlessly me

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    Lots of this book is gorgeous What a lovely conceit to show our heroine round Delhi, with the reader in tow What sensuous writing I thought I might get fed up of all the adjectives and evokings, but I didn t And Delhi is now a...

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