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The Ruins Trapped In The Mexican Jungle, A Group Of Friends Stumble Upon A Creeping Horror Unlike Anything They Could Ever Imagine Two Young Couples Are On A Lazy Mexican Vacation Sun Drenched Days, Drunken Nights, Making Friends With Fellow Tourists When The Brother Of One Of Those Friends Disappears, They Decide To Venture Into The Jungle To Look For Him What Started Out As A Fun Day Trip Slowly Spirals Into A Nightmare When They Find An Ancient Ruins Site And The Terrifying Presence That Lurks There

About the Author: Scott B. Smith

Scott Bechtel Smith is an American author and screenwriter He has published two suspense novels, A Simple Plan and The Ruins, and adapted them for the screen Librarian Note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread forinformation.from wikipedia

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    Scott Smith s wrote one of my favorite crime novels with A Simple Plan that released in 1993 Thirteen years later came his second book, The Ruins which instantly became one of my favorite horror novels I ve got my fingers crossed that sometime later this decade he ll write another o

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    Stephen King has a short story that I believe may have been entitled The Raft in which four college students head out to an old rock quarry They swim out to a raft in the middle of the lake As the afternoon progresses, they notice what appears to be a patch of oil skimming the surface of the

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here When four American college students and a German tourist go on a foray into the Mexican jungle, searching for the German s missing brother, they have no idea of the horror they will find themselves entangled in Will any o

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    I ve always had this conception that the horror genre, be it books or movies, are meant to be scary So that s how I ve judged various entries in the field Did this book or movie scare me Mostly, the answer is no Real life itself is so terrifying that fictional fears really don t do anything for me After all,

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    Please indulge me while I float this older review for a horror novel that remains near and dear to my heart If you are looking for some genuine thrills and chills this Halloween season, this may be the book for you Happy All Hallow s Read I just don t get the storm of criticism aimed at Scott Smith s second novel, The

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Wow, what a disappointment I d been so excited about this I m not a horror novel fan, but this had gotten such great reviews, I figured I d give it a try The trailer for the movie also looked intriguing Unfortunately, you may as well just watch the

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    Scott Smith s The Ruins is one of the best horror novels I ve read in some time It would be really easy for me to rip into it The premise is, frankly, ridiculous, and its plot is nothing but doom and gloom So why did I love it so much Simply because it was completely convincing, engrossing, and terrifying I don t think I have ever foun

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    Requires a decent suspension of disbelief, but it s absolutely propulsive No one plots better than Scott Smith when it comes to events spiraling out of control, and the writing is clean and full of drive Very well done.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I just finished reading The Ruins by Scott Smith If you plan to read it, stop here, because I m about to take a stroll through it.Reading The Ruins as a writer, got through the first 75 pages and asked myself how this writer managed to get me to follow these people into the

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    The power of syntax and lexicoAnd it s just a mindfuck, hail the hardcover edition received, HELLYEAHlife is ephemeral, many books in ours just can t get the chance of being read twice, but absolutely not for this book m

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