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Red (Invitation Only, #1) Red Tacoma, Club Promoter, Is Just About Ready To Blow The Detroit, Michigan, Club Scene And Start Over In Austin, Texas, The Live Music Capital Of America Where His Talents Can Be Put To Better Use After A Nasty Break Up With A Casual Boyfriend, He Decides The Timing Is Perfect And Heads South Red S Not A Nice Guy, Though In Fact, He S A Jerk, And He Takes Pride In Getting The Job Done And Letting No One Get In His Way Of Course, Some Might Call It Arrogance, But Red Doesn T Care What Other People Think, Not Even His Boss At His New Club Gig Phoenix, A Big Bad Dom From Los Angeles, Has Agreed To Move Out To Westburg, Texas, With His Husband Wade Rubashkin, And Run Zachary Teak S New BDSM Club, Invitation Only But Getting A New Club Ready Is Always A Challenge, One That Is Fraught With Interesting Problems, And As Always With The Doms And Subs Of The New Club, It Is One Filled With Hilarity And Smokin Hot, Sexy Men Intense Wonderful extension of the previous series The main character Red so totally needs to find the Dom to put him into his right mindspace Note to self and everyone else.Read the Masters Boys series FIRST You will not know who the hell anyone is in this one I ve read the first in the other series so I did recognize some of the people.Red, the MC of this book, is a complete and total douche Not one thing to like about this fucking guy I m hoping he ll get some redeeming qualities later in the series Great start but I need to go back and read the rest of the other one first My bad pOh, oh and one sentence in this one bugged the ever lovin shit out of me The scent of precome wafted to Phoenix s ears as he began to stroke the boy What in hell kind of ears does Phoenix have They can smell Cool Having lived and loved my way through Patrica s Master s Boys series I never really thought about what I expected from this, the first book in the Invitation Only series Fortunately for everyone Patricia DOES think of these things and although the end of the last series leads seamlessly into this one there is a definite change in the feel Yes lots of old characters return including Cade and Jake from her very first book Leather Nights and it is a little thrill every time one is mentioned as they feel like old friends Invitation Only is a BDSM club that caters to all, gay, straight, male or female This book is set in Texas, the main character Red has just moved there from Detroit and is job hunting I don t think it would be unfair to say he is confident in his own abilities, in fact he is so confident what he needs is a good slap Good job Phoenix and Zach are around lol We also meet some of the other employees of the club such as the barman and the chef who I feel will feature in future books, these guys appear to actually be nice Also some of the boys have moved to Texas and are catching Red s eye, the thing that surprised me is that there is no love story in this book A STORY yes definitely and a lead in to the next books series absolutely but I am not left screaming at the author across the Atlantic to release the next book NOW but I am now REALLY excited to read the others maybe I ll have to nag her a little bit Happy sighs yup, Patricia knew how to make a fan girl like me happy, going with Phoenix and Wade to Zack s new BDSM club in Texas Oh oh and Alicia Howard The dressed in pink domme who I was was a real person I especially enjoyed the narration of Alicia s thoughts on submission, although I disagree with her And the sex I love Zack and Cassidy And Phoenix and Wade were adorable.I m glad we had quite a bit of story with characters from Patricia s other series before spending time with Red after meeting him in the prologue I am glad to know this is a serial and Red eventually gets better because he s a thoroughly dislikable character in his name book.I was absolutely ecstatic to see Vesper in this book as well She is the sweetest woman Watching Carlos figure out that she s a transwoman and then be nice to Vesper was lovely.I am so looking forward to the next Invitation Only book Trask.

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