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The Warburgs EPUB The Warburgs Author Ron Chernow Webpolitics.us Bankers, Philanthropists, Scholars, Socialites, Artists, And Politicians, The Warburgs Stood At The Pinnacle Of German And, Later, Of German American Jewry They Forged Economic Dynasties, Built Mansions And Estates, Assembled Libraries, Endowed Charities, And Advised A German Kaiser And Two American Presidents But Their Very Success Made The Warburgs Lightning Rods For Anti Semitism, And Their Sense Of Patriotism Became Increasingly Dangerous In A Germany That Had Declared Jews The Enemy.Ron Chernow S Hugely Fascinating History Is A Group Portrait Of A Clan Whose Members Were Renowned For Their Brilliance, Culture, And Personal Energy Yet Tragically Vulnerable To The Dark And Irrational Currents Of The Twentieth Century.

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    This saga of a German American family of jewish bankers was on my bucket list for quite some time After starting the book right after Christmas 2016, I finished it in only ten days, much faster than I thought Being written by one if not the of my favourite authors when it comes to biographies this was once again

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    The negatives hard to keep track of all the characters.The positives a remarkeable story, the family lived through important and interesting parts of US European World history The most interesting parts were about the German Jewish families perspective on the rise of Nazism Overall wort...

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    The Warburg s were a banking giant out of Hamburg Germany They started in the 19th Century in the banking industry because of European anti Semitism Laws did not allow Jewish families to own land so Jews were diverted to occupations other than farming The Warburg s saw the fellow Jewish family Rothschild s amass a fortune They foll

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    If Ron Chernow s book The Warburgs were a bank, it would certainly fail His high interest bearing account, that of a Jewish banking dynasty that stretches back six generations to pre industrial Europe, is bloated and inefficient Chernow exhibits no economy of words nor judicious standards for what to include versus what to cut And there are

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    Ron Chernow has gone on to have a prolific career as an author, most recently with a biography of Ulysses S Grant But this book is one of his earlier successes Before Chernow switched to leading political figures, he enmeshed himself in financial and banking history, but from the personal side of things focusing on the personalities that made and cont

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    In many respects, this book deserves 5 stars It s written with economy, erudition, skilled research, sophistication and passionate engagement with this family and their significance in world history Why only 3 stars Because the research becomes dry and even tiresome I quickly lost track of who s who, as one often does while reading classic Russian novels Maybe

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    Ron Chernow s THE WARBURGS is a long, 722 page book, about a family of bankers, who originated in Venice with the name of del Banco They fled Italy in the 16th century when Venetian Jews were herded into the ghetto, and went to Warburg, Germany Taking the name of that town, they moved to Altona near Hamburg in the seventeenth century before moving to Hamburg itself in th

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    Chernow is a brilliant biographer, and The Warburgs definitely showcases his meticulous, easy narrative style.The challenge with documenting an entire family is that the characters over 4 generations are increasingly difficult to keep track of There is also so much information that, i...

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    A long slog but keeps you in the narrative pretty well A fascinating story but if you want it in a concise, easy to read format this isn t for you the story could be told in half the length without losing much.

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    Ron Chernow captures the history of the Warburgs their rise and fall, accomplishments and failures with his detailed research and excellent storytelling skills.

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