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Istanbul Synopsis Istanbul, Imperial Capital Of The Roman, Byzantine And Ottoman Empires, Is The Only City In The World Which Bestrides Two Continents A Magnificently Situated City, As A Poet Once Wrote, Surrounded By A Garland Of Waters The Greek Colony Of Byzantium Was Transformed Into Christian Constantinople In 330 And Became Islamic Istanbul After The Turkish Conquest Of 1453 Yet Despite A Succession Of Sackings, Riots And Earthquakes, It Always Managed To Retain Its Unique Atmosphere And Appeal For Over 2,000 Years Travellers Have Come, Been Dazzled And Taken Home Tales Of Its Marvels And Mysteries, Its Debaucheries And Delights John Freely Tells The Story Of The City From Its Foundation To The Present Day, Brilliantly Capturing The Flavour Of Daily Life As Well As Court Ceremonial And Intrigue He Also Includes A Comprehensive Gazetteer Of All Major Monuments And Museums.

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    Yowzer I thought it was hard to memorize the Presidents of the United States It would be quite an accomplishment to memorize all of the rulers of Istanbul I finally abandoned the book about halfway through I am sure that it is an accurate listing of who ruled when, what architectural feats they accomplished, what major battles they fought in, whose eyes they gou

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    It s already a part of tradition that I always find and buy a book about the places I visit fortunately Istanbul have not one but two excellent english bookshops in the central area same owner that cater for tourists, visitors and diplomats there is a nice selection of books about Turkey and Islam in english so I selected Istanbul the imperial city by John Freely

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    This is a book I enjoyed reading..With my general love of history, the author introduced me to pre Ottoman Istanbul, which revealed to me along with Ottoman and Republican Istanbul this what weight and value this beautiful city has in world history making me love Istanbul even ..The author divides the book into three parts Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul.The f

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    John Freely s reference book can be identified as tale of three cities Byzantium, Constantinople and stanbul This lyric tale, which attracts the reader from the very first page, just starting with ethymological roots of stanbul stin poli , i.e to the city, no other name is needed to identify it as Freely beautifully points out and Anatolia which means land of sunri

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    O incursiune incredibil n istoria metropolei de pe Bosfor, a singurului ora situat pe dou continente, capital a Imperiilor Bizantin i Otoman, al c rei farmec continu s persiste

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    I bought this book on the road back from Istanbul, a city I enjoyed very much during a week long visit Istanbul The Imperial City by John Freely is exactly what I should have been reading before visiting it is a history of the city sprinkled with descriptions of the buildings and landmarks still visible at the middle of the 1990s We are also given excerpts from some

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    This book about Byzantium Constantinople Istanbul, by the American teacher John Freely, is a curious read It purports to be a chronological history of the city, yet is in fact mostly a string of anecdotes about the doings of its sometime rulers interspersed with the odd undigested gobbet of political history It has none of the contextual depth or atmospherics required

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    Objectively, this book is kind of boring I picked this book up because I find Istanbul enchanting and I enjoyed the portions of this book that focus on the growth and development of the city and its landmarks enough to like the book as a whole But, that really isn t the book s focus Instead, Freely focuses on the long and violent parade of emperors and empresses that r

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    Dalam buku ini dipaparkan sejarah Istanbul dari kacamata kota itu sendiri, bukan dari pemikiran barat ataupun Muslim Menarik untuk dibaca karena kita bisa mengetahui sejarah perkembangan kota itu dari zaman romawi sampai berakhirnya kek...

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    Too many facts to really digest by reading it through, but lots of information for someone visiting Istanbul that provides a significant depth of knowledge.I would have rated it lower if I had to read it all in one sitting probably too overwhelming for that but if you spread it o...

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