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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Middle School The Worst Years Of My Life PDF Epub Author James Patterson Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk It S Rafe Khatchadorian S First Day At Hills Village Middle School, And It S Shaping Up To Be The Worst Year Ever He Has Enough Problems At Home Without Throwing His First Year Of Middle School Into The Mix, But Luckily He S Got An Ace Plan For The Best Year Ever If Only He Can Pull It Off With His Best Friend Leonardo The Silent Awarding Him Points, Rafe Tries To Break Every Rule In His School S Oppressive Code Of Conduct Chewing Gum In Class 5,000 Points Running In The Hallway 10,000 Points Pulling The Fire Alarm 50,000 Points But Not Everyone Thinks Rafe S Plan Is A Good Idea, Especially Not The Teachers, Parents, And Bullies Who Keep Getting In His Way Will Rafe Decide That Winning Is The Only Thing That Matters Are Things About To Go From Magic To Tragic Find Out In This Hilarious And Heartwarming 1 New York Times Bestselling Hit Includes A FREE POSTER, A Teaser To The Upcoming I Funny, And Over 100 Illustrations

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    Rafe Katchadorian is in 6th grade He has an imaginary friend called Leo who tells him he should do something cool He should break all the rules I quite liked this funny story about a boy who s imagination is ...

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    Okay, I m a librarian, but I think this book tried too hard I just never believed in the main character or the situations And even though it tries to be funny, it s not funny The drawings will appeal to kids, and I did like the surprise about Leo at the end, but overall, I was a little bored Also, ...

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    Rafe Katchadorian is now in the 6th grade and his imaginary friend Leo tells him that he should do something cool that would make his whole year He should break the rules Rafe agrees and creates Operation R.A.F.E Will he succeed or will everything he does all go up in flames Read this and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good audiobook and the first book I ve checked out by James Patterson If you enjoy middle school stories, d.

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    A funny, engaging book I read this with my 7th graders every year, because they seem to really be able to identity with the narrator There are so many fun activities to do with this book, so teachers and librarians take note

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    Rafe and his best friend, Leo the Silent decide to make middle school interesting by breaking every rule in the Code of Conduct handbook They have a very elaborate system for scoring points, losing points and even losing lives of which you are only allowed three before you fail They call this OPERATION R A F E It is a funny at times yet serious book about bullying, first love, friendships and much much The art work portrayed in the book is quite good a

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    Have you ever picked something up just because you ve been told the author is amazing, and then after you start reading listening to it begin to wonder if the world is crazy or if you just have no taste That is what happened to me when I first started listening to this middle schooler geared audiobook Patterson is supposed to be a genius So many people in my town rave about how amazing his stuff is So what s wrong with me Why can t I get into his stuff I knew I wa

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    The snowball effect of lies is strong theme in this book Rafe Khatchadorian, a middle schooler who is trying break every possible rule applied at school, is caught in his own web of lies First, he lied to his mom, then he lied to his vice principal He the...

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    Have you ever wanted to break every rule in the book in middle school The book, Middle School, the Worst years of My Life, is a great book that takes you through the twist and turns in the life of Rafe and his plan to make it through sixth grade Rafe is challenged by his friend Leo to break every rule in his school s code of conduct Along the way he has to fight dragons, try not to look like a loser in front of his crush Jeanne and fight the bully that has been out for him all year T

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    Overall Blah I picked this up thinking that my 11 year old would think this was amusing since she s going into middle school next year Turns out this book is anything BUT amusing It s about a kid who decides to break all the rules as a part of a game Dumb Plus I ended up worrying about the mom far than Rafe who I just wanted to fix In the end, Rafe is punished for his ongoing behavior and graffittiing but then rewarded for his creative gifts by sending him to art school Seriously And don t ge

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    So far in the book, It s just been a mess of things Just Rafe getting into trouble breaking rules we have at our own schools It hasen t really been exciting The chapters are very short A few funny parts here and the but otherwise it s just been dull.

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