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The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe A Forgotten SF Classic That Exposed The Pitfalls Of Voyeuristic Entertainment Decades Before The Reality Show Craze A Few Years In The Future, Medical Science Has Advanced To The Point Where It Is Practically Unheard Of For People To Die Of Any Cause Except Old Age The Few Exceptions Provide The Fodder For A New Kind Of Television Show For Avid Audiences Who Lap Up The Experience Of Watching Someone Else S Dying Weeks So When Katherine Mortenhoe Is Told That She Has About Four Weeks To Live, She Knows It S Not Just Her Life She S About To Lose But Her Privacy As Well

About the Author: D.G. Compton

David Guy Compton has published science fiction as D.G Compton He has also published crime novels as Guy Compton and Gothic fiction as Frances Lynch.

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    Katherine Mortenhoe is nothing special She s like everyone else she was born, she s misunderstood, she s disappointed, she will die and sooner than she d hoped She is a private person who lives in the public eye, a public composed of friends and not friends and strangers who are only barely seeing her and heari

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    Most, if not all, of us have seen part of or even a whole episode of a reality show Even though of us that avoid the Real Housewives series like the plague have watched shows on HGTV, a cooking show, or even a show like Deadliest Catch Whether or not we still watch them is a different story, but odds are you have seen

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    A 1970s spec classic reissued with a fresh tonguing from Jeff Vandermeer Set in a dystopic future this one , where the pain starved public crave reality shows about the moribund, eager to soak up their final croaks, stiff romance novel editor Katherine Mortenhoe is told about her terminus by a seedy doc in the pockets of a M

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    I have finally found time to reread this novel before posting about it, and the second time through opened my eyes to muchthan I found the first time This book was my real world book group s read at the end of June it is also one of the most thought provoking novels I ve read in a long while Written in 1974, and alternatively title

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    DAW Collectors 102Cover Artist Karel TholeName Compton, David Guy, Birthplace London, England, UK, 19 August 1930.While the benefits of disease eradication are oft desired, the ramifications of such a world are not hard to imagine overpopulation, senescence, entropy Speculative fiction has played with this trope for ages, resulting in sto

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    First something I must get off my chest I heartily dislike the new goodreads homepage It s far too busy, I much preferred the less cluttered old version Secondly, this is a short novel and only took me three days to read because it is, pardon my French, grim as fuck A bitterer,cynical sci fi novel I have rarely come across The conceit is as foll

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    I saw that Jeff VanderMeer had written the introduction for this, so I snagged it when it became available in Edelweiss for review.I wasn t super into it I think I was struggling to read it in the context of that time Because reality tv is so pervasive now, it s almost a logical step to consider a reality show that follows a death We have some of that

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    It s a rare book that has both an NYRB Classics edition and an SF Masterwork edition, but don t let that raise your expectations The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe got reprinted by NYRB Classics because someone thought it could be pitched as one of those prescient works of science fiction that predicted a current trend, in this case reality television It got

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    The NYRB gave this all but forgotten New Wave Sci Fi classic its seal of approval with a re issue a few years ago Compton s story of a woman diagnosed with an incurable disease in a disease free future touches on the balance between privacy rights and journalism, and also meditates on the larger issue of how well we can ever know our fellow humans The story moves po

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    This book is about a hundred pages too long The first 2 3 was fascinating, utterly riveting Then the main characters went on the run together and it deteriorated very quickly The writing is good the characters are excellent the plotting is abysmal.This book is almost universally described by readers as the best science fiction I have ever read If you are thinking about rea

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