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The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe A Forgotten SF Classic That Exposed The Pitfalls Of Voyeuristic Entertainment Decades Before The Reality Show Craze.A Few Years In The Future, Medical Science Has Advanced To The Point Where It Is Practically Unheard Of For People To Die Of Any Cause Except Old Age The Few Exceptions Provide The Fodder For A New Kind Of Television Show For Avid Audiences Who Lap Up The Experience Of Watching Someone Else S Dying Weeks So When Katherine Mortenhoe Is Told That She Has About Four Weeks To Live, She Knows It S Not Just Her Life She S About To Lose But Her Privacy As Well.

About the Author: D.G. Compton

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe book, this is one of the most wanted D.G. Compton author readers around the world.

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    Most, if not all, of us have seen part of or even a whole episode of a reality show Even though of us that avoid the Real Housewives series like the plague have watched shows on HGTV, a cooking show, or even a show like Deadliest Catch Whether or not we still watch them is a different story, but odds are you ha

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    I saw that Jeff VanderMeer had written the introduction for this, so I snagged it when it became available in Edelweiss for review.I wasn t super into it I think I was struggling to read it in the context of that time Because reality tv is so pervasive now, it s almost a logical step to consider a reality show that fo

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    First something I must get off my chest I heartily dislike the new goodreads homepage It s far too busy, I much preferred the less cluttered old version Secondly, this is a short novel and only took me three days to read because it is, pardon my French, grim as fuck A bitterer,cynical sci fi novel I have rarely come across T

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    It s a rare book that has both an NYRB Classics edition and an SF Masterwork edition, but don t let that raise your expectations The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe got reprinted by NYRB Classics because someone thought it could be pitched as one of those prescient works of science fiction that predicted a current trend, in this cas

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    Set in some unspecified time period in which people rarely die of illness, only of old age, such unnatural deaths are televised and have become a spectacle for an audience unused to such suffering The book has been seen as a reaction to the intrusiveness of television and nascent reality TV programming yet, in the end, it is predominantly

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    I don t remember the word celebrity being used, but in some ways this novel is about celebrity, about how it s used for profit and how it s abused Katherine Mortenhoe is a celebrity because she s going to die in middle age at a time in the near future when death by any cause except old age has been eliminated She signs away her rights to privacy

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    Pre empting reality TV, an intrusive media and a voyeuristic and hypocritical public are the themes explored here.In the near future and most diseases have been eradicated, people only die when they get very old or by accident When someone actually becomes terminally ill before there time, they are of intense public interest and, to the right media tyc

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    This book is about a hundred pages too long The first 2 3 was fascinating, utterly riveting Then the main characters went on the run together and it deteriorated very quickly The writing is good the characters are excellent the plotting is abysmal.This book is almost universally described by readers as the best science fiction I have ever read If you are thin

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    The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe 1973 by D.G Compton is the best SF Masterwork I ve read in months.Reality TV is very popular these days We can, if so inclined, choose to watch real people competing over performance skills The X Factor, Britain s Got Talent, etc , being affluent housewives The Real Housewives of Cheshire, etc , working in a kitchen Jamie s Kitchen

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    It surprises me that The continuous Katherine Mortenhoe is notwidely known I ve only recently found out about it while browsing the shelves in a local bookstore, to boot , but the interesting blurb incited me to read it Boy, am I glad I did Now I totally understand why it s a part of the SF masterworks collection D.G Compton had written this book in the advent of reality T

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