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Surface Tension When Cassie And Liam Start Swimming At The Lake Neither Of Them Realises The Dark Secrets That Lie Beneath As Summer Heats Up And The Lake Waters Become Lower And Lower, The Shocking Truth Is Slowly Uncovered And Soon, Both Their Lives Will Change Forever

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    First, I didn t really realize this was a middle grades YA book until about nowish, coming here to review it, but actually that makes me all theimpressed with this book It s a quiet sort of narrative lots of inner monologue and a slowly unfolding plot that doe

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    I found Surface tension quite slow yet it was still intriguing to keep me reading Around half way through the book takes a turn and the pace picks up This is a rather quiet novel with unique characters As the characters open up, the story really is quite captivating My

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    The day that I was born, they drowned my town The mayor flipped the lever, and everybody cheered There were streamers and balloons and a really lame brass band The people of Old Lower Grange ate sausages and potato salad while they watched their lives sink beneath a wall of wate

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    The day Cassie was born, her town got submerged While her mom was going into labor with her they were going the opposite way from the other people As her town was slowly getting rid of water she felt like she was drowning with all the mysteries.It all started the day Cassie was born The da

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Cassie s family was not present when the mayor flipped a switch and drowned the town of Old Lower Grange Residents then moved up the hill and formed the town of New Lower Grange Cassie decided to enter the world when the

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    Below is a dystopian fantasy esque book that follows Cassie, a girl who was born on the day that her town was drowned Yes, literally drowned the mayor flipped a switch and the whole town that they once new was submerged in water Twelve years after the drowing and relocating to Upper Lower Grange, Cassie and h

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    Interesting quick read If this had been an adult fiction book I bet it would have gotten very dark and creepy seeing that it was a young adult book it had th appropriate amount of mystery I enjoyed the plot and th description of the drowned town a lot.

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    This book was veryyy mysterious throughout, from start to finish It started with a girl named Cassie She was born eight weeks early, just a day late to seeing her almost hometown be drowned in 200 feet of water Cassie s lungs were not developed enough yet, and she was required to do exactly six laps of swimming everyday Swimming

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    For some reason we had this book stickered as scary I did not find it so It has suspense to it, but it s not what I would call a horror book or a scary book.I did enjoy this book Cassie s feelings of inadequacy were well drawn, and I liked the friendship between Cassie and Liam I dd figure out right away what happened, but younger readers

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    Overall, I enjoyed this book.I very much appreciated Cassie, the protagonist I thought Cassie was a thoughtful, sensitive, likeable character, who read a very realistic I also enjoyed the friendship that developed between Cassie and Liam, especially as McKinlay wisely refrained from turning that relationship into a cheesy love story Finally, the su

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