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Beauty What S It Like To Be The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Molly Desperately Wants To Be Beautiful And That S What She Tells Dharma, The Mysterious Portrait Artist Who Sketches Her Face At The Town Fair Just Minutes After She S Humiliated In Front Of Hudson, The Guy Of Her Dreams When Molly Wakes Up The Following Morning, She S The Most Beautiful Girl In Miracle, Ohio Babies Coo In Her Arms, Her House Fills With Flowers From Dozens Of Drooling Boys, And She S Chosen To Be A Model For The Hottest Store In Town Best Of All, Hudson Finally Falls For Her But Molly Soon Discovers That Beauty And Her Wish Comes With A Price She S Faced With An Impossible Choice Will Reclaiming Her True Identity Mean Letting Go Of Hudson For Good

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    Imagine waking up in one morning and finding out that you are the most beautiful girl in town.Molly, like average teenagers, doesn t like the way she looks She is too self conscious about her appearance, and it doesn t help that she ha

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    I don t think there s a single girl unless you are one of the 5% of the population gifted with natural beauty , who doesn t wish they could magically become the IT girl Maybe not the most stunning girl around, but we all have flaws and imperfecti

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    REACTION AFTER READING THE BOOKOkay so here is what my reaction is after reading this book image error GIFSoup image error GIFSoupOkay so this book was just an okay book for me It was good but not good enough to be memorable or to make it to my favorite li

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    Rating 3.5 5 WHAT I DISLIKED 1 From the moment Molly becomes beautiful there is no question as to where this book is heading There were no twists or turns, just a straightforward narrative that didn t surprise me 2 This reminded me A LOT of Mean Girls So in terms of

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    Taking certain elements from Tom Hanks s movie Big, Beauty is a yet another story of being careful what you wish for a phrase actually spoken by one of the characters in the book.Wishes are devious things and wish givers commonly tricksters, demons or simply the odd fairy try

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    What if you could be stunningly beautiful Would you make the wish regardless of the costs Molly did not realize that her melancholy wish for beauty at the town fair would be granted by the kind, but rather odd sketch artist drawing her portrait After waking up the next day dreamily bea

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    I had previously read this sometime in 2012 but after recommending it to a friend hi Gabrielle I thought it would be fun to re read it I m so glad I did because this time around I enjoyed it so muchI had forgotten how much I loved the aspect of the fair and how much it made me jealous my city ne

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    What if you could be transformed from a gawky, awkward teen into the most beautiful girl in town It sounds like a dream come true, but in Daily s spot on YA debut there are drawbacks Teens will love this modern day fairytale I did and I hope Daily continues to write fantastic YA

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    The book beauty was based on teen romance The main characte in this book is molly There is a guy at her school named Hudson Taylor and she has a crush on him But there s one thing Molly doesn t have the best facial features She thinks she isn t pretty enough, So one day at the fair a lady at the fair named Darhma d

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    It s hard to say why, of all the books I ve read recently, I find this one so heart wrenchingly beautiful and powerful, but I ll give it a shot As someone who has always struggled with self image, this book may have helped me see myself differently The world may not agree I m far from objectively beautiful, but what does tha

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