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The Shining (The Shining, #1) Jack Torrance S New Job At The Overlook Hotel Is The Perfect Chance For A Fresh Start As The Off Season Caretaker At The Atmospheric Old Hotel, He Ll Have Plenty Of Time To Spend Reconnecting With His Family And Working On His Writing But As The Harsh Winter Weather Sets In, The Idyllic Location Feels Ever Remoteand Sinister And The Only One To Notice The Strange And Terrible Forces Gathering Around The Overlook Is Danny Torrance, A Uniquely Gifted Five Year Old 1977 Stephen King P 2005 Random House Audio

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    This scene from Friends pretty much sums up my feelings about this bookRachel Hmm she opens the freezer Umm, why do you have a copy of The Shining in your freezer Joey Oh, I was reading it last night, and I got scared, so.Rachel But ah, you re safe from it

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    If you have not read The Shining already do not overlook the opportunity presented by the publication of Doctor Sleep, the sequel, to revisit one of the best ghost stories of our time The appearance of the follow up offers a perfect justification for stepping through

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The thought rose from nowhere, naked and unadorned The urge to tumble her out of bed, naked, bewildered, just beginning to wake up to pounce on her, seize her neck like the green limb of a young as

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    Quite simply put, The Shining is the best horror story I have ever read It scared the hell out of me.Over a period of time, I have noticed certain standard motifs in horror stories One of these I call The Lost Child Such stories will typically involve a child, who can see what the silly

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    October 2016 2.5 5 Soooo I wasn t a huge fan of this There were a few things about it that I enjoyed, but overall I found it to be boring and overly drawn out Also not scary AT ALL which was my biggest disappointment October 2015I ll probably pick this up ag...

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    Ok, Mr Jack Torrence,. The man who was going to live by his wits.be a best selling author, acclaimed playwright and winner of the New York critics award, man of letters, winner of the Pulitzer Prize,..you killed my appetite I ll never be able to look at a Triscuit cracker again without thinking of The Shin

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    About as perfect a haunted house story as can be, King was at his best here It s as though he built a haunted house and then filled every nook and cranny with detail King is also at his best in regard to characterization, all well rounded and complete, we know family relationships, group dynamics, all the old hidden

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    All the stars Loved, loved this book I m not sure what to say in this review that hasn t been said by others I was blown away by how great this book was It was so much better then the movie The slow progression of insanity with Jack Torrance was one of the best things about this book I loved the overall menacing presence of T

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    Even though the film version of this one from Stanley Kubrick is generally considered a horror classic, Stephen King has never been shy about making his dislike of it known He hates it so much that he was heavily involved in making afaithful adaptation of it as TV mini series in 1997 This inferior version invited comparisons of Stephen

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    QUESTION Is Stephen King the BEST PURE STORYTELLER of the 20th Century ANSWER Who knowsI haven t got the slightest wisp of the faintest fragment of a lingering shadow of a clue how to answer that manwich sized question However, I do think that in order to have a credible debate on the subject, you would need to include the Prince of the Prolific

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