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The blurb on the cover says, The No 1 Cycling Book of All Time according to Cycle Sport magazine Well, that is a little extreme it is certainly high up on the list for readable books about the Tour de France or professional bicycle racing, but it also has certain technical drawbacks This book was originally published in 1988 and described the Tour race of 1987 the author was a journalist and the British race team, ANC Halfords, agreed to let him be with the team full time to cover the race This was ANC Halfords first and last participation in the Tour de France and they weren t really ready for the race they didn t have good enough riders and they didn t have good enough financial and therefore technical support The team ended up letting Connor drive some of their vehicles because they ran out of people to do so his perspective is like that of a technical support person than a journalist And in fact, his being so much a part of an unsuccessful team is the main drawback of the book, if one is looking for a description of how a team works to win or compete in the Tour ANC Halfords lost three riders not too far into the race and only four riders finished out of nine so they rarely had anything like strategy or tactics they didn t have the riders.On the other hand, the writing if good and it can be amusing to read a This book was written by a newspaper reporter who was given permission to travel with the team ANC Halford, the first British team to participate in the Tour de France There is a day to day summation of the day s events and current drama crisis, and a brief synopsis of each day s race This race was a first for all of the ANC riders, as well as for most of their sponsors and support crew A learning experience for all, the riders either found their niche or abandoned, and unfortunately the same was true for some members of the support staff and vehicles I don t know about this being the No 1 cycling book of all timeperhaps at the time it was written it was groundbreaking to experience a complete tour from the inside As I read through this, I found myself wanting a similar book written by someone who was an insider on a solid, experienced team on the tourwhere the majority of the riders were not in survival mode, the support team running like a well oiled machine, and to be present when strategy and solid tactics are discussed among accomplished riders That being said, I found this account of the British team s travails an entertaining and fast read Especially enjoyable were the tidbits of race culture such as the etiquette amongst the team cars as they jockeyed or literally fought for position behind the riders, slinging lagging rider Half narrative from an insider s perspective of the troubled ANC Halfords team and half race report of the 1987 Tour, this book is trapped between the two neither a gripping race commentary nor roller coaster emotional in

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