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Escape I m very surprised by the number of stars this book received I have read others by Delinsky that were also escapist fiction, but much better than this one I read in the afterword that she wrote this book on the advice of her fans I don t think that was a very good idea We fans are not authors what do we know Premise was ok, the whole coyote thing stupid And, there were too many things going on at once, but not a lot of detail I feel like I need to emphasize how lame I felt the coyote plot was.1.5 stars Yes, I kept reading The characters weren t horrible It wasn t horribly written It wasn t a horrible premise I look at my Kindle, and when I see this book, contrasted with, let s say, The Passage, I think wow, THAT was At one point or another everyone searches for an escape from their busy life An escape from work, family, technology, friends, obligations An escape from the harsh reality of the real world And the promise of escape from my whining child even a short term one is what drew me to this book in the first place.This is the story of 32 year old Emily wife of James, employee of Lane Lavash, and a woman who dreams of becoming a mother Emily thinks she s living the dream in New York City until one day she realizes that there s nothing perfect about the perfect life she s been living.At this realization Vicki suddenly has an overwhelming need to get away from it all So she does She packs a bag, bundles everything into her husband s flashy sports car, and takes off to reconnect with old friend Vicki Bell in a small New Hampshire town haunted by memories of an old life and an old love.Emily keeps in minimal contact with her mother and her husband James but otherwise has no desire to maintain even a shred of her previous life She has no plan aside from having no plan and decides to play everything by ear And when Emily s old love Jude comes onto the scene Emily is t Read Escape By Barbara Delinsky Bandcamptomp3.co.uk In Her Luminous New Novel, Barbara Delinsky Explores Every Woman S Desire To Abandon The Endless Obligations Of Work And Marriage And The Idea That The Most Passionate Romance Can Be Found With The Person You Know Best Emily Aulenbach Is Thirty, A Lawyer Married To A Lawyer, Working In Manhattan An Idealist, She Had Once Dreamed Of Representing Victims Of Corporate Abuse, But She Spends Her Days In A Cubicle Talking On The Phone With Vic Tims Of Tainted Bottled Water And She Is On The Bottler S Side And It Isn T Only Work It S Her Sister, Her Friends, Even Her Husband, Tim, With Whom She Doesn T Connect The Way She Used To She Doesn T Connect To Much In Her Life, Period, With The Exception Of Three Things Her Computer, Her BlackBerry, And Her Watch Acting On Impulse, Emily Leaves Work Early One Day, Goes Home, Packs Her Bag, And Takes Off Groping Toward The Future, Uncharacteristically Following Her Gut Rather Than Her Mind, She Heads North Toward A New Hampshire Town Tucked Between Mountains She Knows This Town During Her College Years, She Spent A Watershed Summer Here Painful As It Is To Return, She Knows That If She Is To Right Her Life, She Has To Start Here. Today at 5AM I dropped my significant other off at his work Instead of turning right out of the parking lot as I always do, I turned left and kept going Yeah, I can relate to this book It s a different mind set, driving off into the unknown, leaving the known and dissatisfaction behind For a while I imagined just driving and driving, stopping in new or even revisiting old places, getting a room, checking in relaxing, walking, exploring, visiting There are no time constraints, no pressures, an easing of stress, responsibilities.Alas, my bank account cannot manage an escape such as Emily s and I m back home after a short, very short, sojourn I enjoyed reading Escape and found it totally plausible, not just for myself, but for the many others in mind numbing situations My sister, for one, is driven by the pressures of Billable Billable Billable, so I understand and can relate to both main characters I truly enjoyed every word and circumstance, especially the animal Escape is the 41st stand alone novel by popular author, Barbara Delinsky One Friday morning, New York lawyer Emily Aulenbach takes stock of her life and realises it has strayed so far from her dream that she needs to escape She takes off her watch, turns off her Blackberry, leaves behind her laptop and, without telling anyone or having any firm plans, heads north After a few days, she finds herself in Bell Valley, New Hampshire, a place where her life changed radically one summer, ten years ago, and a place where she hopes to, once again, find herself In Bell Valley, she renews a neglected friendship with Vicki Bell, submits to the healing powers of the Animal Refuge and reconnects with the mystical coyote of that long ago summer But an old lover, Vicki s brother Jude, has also returned to Bell Valley Emily is wedded to James, but the problems she ran away from include her unfulfilling job, her demanding family and friends and her dysfunctional marriage, so is Jude s presence a help or a hindrance In this novel, Delinsky gives the reader characters with depth, spirit and integrity and a plot that is original and unpredictable, with an exciting climax Delinsky touches on a range of topical subjects the pressure of modern day life damage claims against large corporations animal ref All right Although this book started out promisingly, it got and tedious by the page, and then and ludicrous by the chapter It starts off being about a woman who runs away from her New York life to try to reconnect with her inner self, but ends up including wild love making sessions in the woods, long winded obsessions about coyotes, arson, hostage taking, SWAT teams and her husband getting shot Of course there was paragraph after paragraph about coyotes howling and their significance, and then pages and pages of discussions between Emily and her husband James about what they wanted in life, which would be fine except that it was so realistic that it became tedious, much like how one would feel when one is stuck in the private conversations arguments between a real life couple at first it s intriguing and slightly voyeuristic, then you lose interest and really, really want to be somewhere else I found my eyes glazing over and I skimmed past paragraphs, because I couldn t be BOTHERED to read of the same drivel I kept thinking how I would rate this book when I was reading it never a good sign, when you re not totally absorbed in the story, but I really like Ms Delinsky s books, but this was not a favorite It got off to a good start and had some action toward the end, but the majority of the story was a little too nothing for me, and I found myself not able to relate to the main character a lot of the time We were never given sufficient reason for why she would want to escape the way she did, and I would have liked to have seen a few pages explaining why she found both her husband and her job so unbearable Once the story got going, it was hard for me to be sympathetic to someone who seemed immature and selfish often than I wanted her to be I have a problem with couples who love each other like crazy but for some silly reason aren t together, and there was some of that here The husband we come to know seems like a completely different person than the brief glimpse we had of him before she For the mostpart I enjoyed Escape An easy read and a story I could identify with However SPOILER I didn t expect the hostage situation, in fact I found it inconsistent with the storyline I think what bothered me most was both James and Jude seemed completely out of character in handling the situation James may have been a great negotiator but I don t believe he would ve walked into such a dangerous situation, especially with a baby on the way he was portrayed as way too responsible for that It bothered me too that the local cops just stepped aside to let the big city lawyer take over the negotiations seemed unrealistic to me and a little insulting to small town law enforcement Although Jude was selfish and a risk taker, I didn t think he was an idiot, and barging in on a volatile hostage situation so he could get a rush just seemed silly.The coyotes I could take or leave I think I understand where the author was going with Emily is 32 living in New York working 16 18 hours a day at a large law firm married to James, a wonderful man whom she loves dearly, who also happens to be a lawyer, and who works hours than she does Like every other morning, when Emily wakes up at 6 am she s already receiving and sending text messages from her boss, husband, clients, sister, and colleagues, etc She gets to work and it s while she s dealing with a file that she feels the walls closing in on her She immediately leaves the office, goes home, packs, grabs the car and leaves the city without telling anyone At that moment she doesn t know where she s going, if she should call her husband, and comes to the conclusion she hates all technological gadgets She also knows that the life she is leading is not the life she signed up for She and her husband had a dream and it s not what they re living She s trying to figure out where it all went wrong She needs to change that In a nutshell, she s trying to find herself Who doesn t at times want to chuck it all in and just leave at some point in their life God knows I ha You know how sometimes you just have to be in the right place in your life to enjoy a book Well, this one s not doing it for me I think I would have liked it better in my younger years Now, I m too old, jaded, synical The protagonist Emily, is a lawyer, escaping from her life in NY Her husband is also a lawyer, they own a house, a nice car, are both young and beautiful and struggling to conceive a child Emily does not feel fulfilled in her life and is looking for Perhap

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